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Environmental and Comprehensive Planning

I have a broad background in comprehensive and environmental planning related to plan evaluation, strategic environmental assessment and soil science. I completed master's degrees in environmental studies and environmental planning from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. 

For my inter-disciplinary master's thesis, I investigated the efficacy of various implementation strategies for developing comprehensive land use plans to meet a state smart growth legislation mandate. This work included firsthand document review and evaluation; interviewing local planning representatives; and making recommendations to improve functioning of the statewide legislation.


Wisconsin farmland

As part of a team at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, I contributed to a strategic environmental assessment for the towns of Brotherton and Stockbridge.  These towns are located along the Niagara Escarpment, a regionally-significant geological structure that impacts local soils, hydrology, and vegetation.  I co-led the Biophysical Assessment Team, which inventoried natural resources (land, air, and water) and identified current areas of environmental concern, including water quality, development impacts on fish and wildlife, and protection of critical natural areas. At completion of this project, we presented our findings and recommendations to the regional planning commission.

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